We are living in special times. A moment in which the old political order is about to dissolve and a new one is forming, although we do not yet know what it will look like.

The Indo-Pacific region will play a special role in the struggle for a new order, as it is the setting of a fierce competition of power between the two super powers of our times, the US and China.

This is not only a vast but also an extremely complex region – encompassing the largest country of the world – China – its biggest democracy – India – and the largest muslim country – Indonesia. The region is a driver of economic growth and technological innovation, a hub of worldwide trade and logistics. But it is also the center of an escalating arms race. Five of the world s nuclear powers have Indo-Pacific shores. And there is the conflict over Taiwan that could potentially lead to an US-Chinese military conflict.

The Indo-Pacific is crucial to climate policies. Not only are many of its countries extremely threatened by rising sea levels, the region is also the source of more than a half of all global carbon emissions. This makes the region s contries key players in tackling the climate crisis.

The Indo-Pacific matters now. And it will matter even more in the future.

In this Podcast we – a team of a German and a Chinese journalist based in Berlin, – want to put the jigsaws together: shed light on the hidden stories happening outside the media spotlight while providing macro-level analysis. Present key players, show the economic and political trends.

This is what the Sea of Change podcast aims at: inform any big or small stakeholder of the New Great Game.