Taiwan Trilogy 2023

It has been more than one year that Russia invaded Ukraine – and in Taiwan citizens, analysts and politicians ponder upon which lessons Taiwan can learn from it. Is there any way that a Chinese invasion could be avoided? What could be the most likely war strategy taken by China? How can Taiwan deal with it? Is China’s grey zone warfare dividing Taiwanese society? Can Taiwan rely on the US and other allies?

In the second part of our Taiwan Trilogy, Sea of Change Podcast invited Professor Lai I-Chung to share his views and analysis on these crucial topics. Professor Lai is the President of Prospect Foundation of Taiwan. He was also a seasoned diplomat working for the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), the ruling party of Taiwan, and Taiwan. He represented the DPP in the United States and worked as the Chief of Staff for Taiwan Representative Office to Japan (TECRO). Both countries are major allies of Taiwan. He was also the Director General for the Department of China Affairs as well as for the Department of International Affairs for the DPP.

The sound editor of this episode is Yu Ge.

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