Taiwan Trilogy 2023

The Chinese government has been launching a highly sophisticated and intensive disinformation campaign through a plethora of channels – trying to influence Taiwanese voters and raise doubts about American assistance. In the last episode of Sea of Change Podcast’s Taiwan Trilogy, we talked with Professor Puma Shen on his study on these issues. He shared with us his fascinating discoveries and explained to us why the mafia in Taiwan is less of a threat to the island’s security than the social media influencers paid by Beijing.

Puma Shen is an associate professor at National Taipei University,chairperson of Doublethink Lab and founder of Kuma Academy. He is also vice president of the Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR), focusing heavily on disinformation and local trafficking of privacy violations. He was a lawyer, and an expert on white-collar crime, including state crime, disinformation campaigns, and financial crime.

The sound editor for this episode is Yu Ge.

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